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>> pelley: tonight, b.p. pays the price. criminal charges, and the largest fine in history, two years after the disast merit gulf. manuel bojorquez reports and we'll hear from a survivor. >> i said, "we're going to burn up or we're going to jump." >> pelley: rockets rain down as israel and the palestinians square off. will it be war in the middle east? allen pizzey is in teal, nancy cordes at the white house. did 13 people die because they drank a high-caffeine energy drink? dr. jon lapook put the question to the man behind 5-hour energy. >> reporter: can you tell me how many milligrams of caffeine? >> i'm not talking to you, i'm talking to-- >> pelley: and a factory that makes memories is destroyed by fire. will the bells ring again by
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christmas? c hd with the last bell maker. >> pelley: good evening. today, b.p. pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pate largest fine in u.s. history more than two years after its drilling operation killed 11 workers and unleashed the largest accidental oil still ever. the deepwater horizon exploded in the gulf of mexico on the night of april captioning sponsored by cbs third with lying to congress. manuel bojorquez is in new orleans with details of what
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b.p. knew before the explosion. >> reporter: the two former b.p. employees charged with manslaughter were the highest ranking. supervisors on deepwater horizon. they were in charge of the test that signaled grave danger the afternoon of the explosion. the test found signs that combustible gas was seeping into the well. the indictment alleges b.p. managers, robert kaluza, and donald vidrine, failed to call engineers on shore to discuss the abnormal readings. instead, they allowed work on the well to continue. the gas came up the well and exploded. u.s. attorney general eric holder: >> this is an indication, and i hope perhaps a vindication, that we have shown and the company has admitted that as a result of their actions, people died there unnecessarily. >> reporter: federal authorities also charged former b.p. vice president david rainy with lying to investigators about the amount of oil leaking from the well.
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according to the indictment, rainy insisted 5,000 barrels of oil were leaking every day. when he was aware that b.p.'s own engineers estimated it was leaking as much as 82,000 barrels per day. assistant attorney general lanny brewer: >> rainy allegedly cherry picked pages from documents, withheld other documents altogether, and lied to congress and others to make this spill appear less catastrophic than it was. >> reporter: shelley anderson's husband, jason, died in the explosion. it was supposed to be his final day on deepwater horizon. she has mixed emotions about today's announcement. >> i wish that we would have been able to have our day in court and that i would have been able to tell a jury exactly what our loss is, how much we miss jason. >> reporter: next thursday, thanksgiving, would have been his 38th birthday. >> we will never forget what jason means to us, and that he's gone and that he's never coming
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back. we live with that every single day. >> reporter: the three men charged today say they are innocent. the attorney for one of the men called his client a scapegoat. scott, b.p.'s settlement with the department of justice ends criminal prosecution of the company, but b.p. could stale face another $20 billion in fines if it loses a civil trial next year. . >> pelley: manuel, thank you. one survivor was an engineer named mike williams. in an interview for "60 minutes," williams described his harrowing escape from the deepwater horizon. >> i've been left now by to 2 life boats. i looked at the captain, and i said, "what do we do now? by now, the fire is not only on the deck. it's starting to spread to the other deck. >> pelley: about eight survivors were left on the rig. they dropped an inflatable raft from a crane but with only a few of the survivors on the raft, it was launched, leaving williams, another man, and a crew woman
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named andrea. >> i remember looking at andrea and seeing that look in her eyes of... she had quit. she haddive again up. i remember her saying, "i'm scared" and i said, "it's okay to be scared. i'm scared, too." she said, what are we going to do?" i said we're going to burn up or we're going to jump. >> pelley: how far is it to the see? >> maybe 90 feet, 100 feet. it's a long ways. . >> pelley: in the middle of the night, with blood in his eyes, fire at his back, and the sea 10 stories below, williams made his choice. >> i remember closing my eyes and saying a prayer, and asking god to tell my wife and little girl that daddy did everything he could and if i survive this, it's for a reason.
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i took three steps and i pushed off the rig. and i fell for what seemed like forever. a lot of things go through your mind. >> pelley: williams and andrea, wearing lifejackets were rescued later by fishing boats. more than 200 rockets fell on israel today, a few of them aimed at the city of tel aviv. israeli troops are massing on the border of gaza, the tiny strip of land that's home to palestinians and the militant group hams. this battle is escalating, and alan pizzey is in tel aviv tonight. >> reporter: throughout the day, the israeli air force struck gaza, but hamas militants kept firing rockets back. warning sirens support israeli civilians scurrying for shelters and the government ordered everyone within 25 miles of the gaza border to stay at home. the tit-for-tat violence was
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sparked by what the israelis call a targeted assassination, that killed ahmed al-jabaari, and his son. today, more than 1,000 people turned out for his funeral and vowed to hit tel aviv in revenge. hundreds more rocketes were fired into southern israel, most of which were intercepted by a sophisticated israeli antimissile system dubbed "iron dome." the rockets are relatively small, but hamas is thought to have as many as 10,000 of them. fire enough, and some will get through. an israeli family of three was killed when one struck this apartment building 20 miles from gaza. she lived next door and refused to leave. >> it's my place. it's my city. i love this place. >> reporter: even though another rocket could come in any time. >> even 10 times. >> reporter: there have been more than 750 this year. today israeli prime minister binyamin netanjahu said israel
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won't tolerate any more. >> i hope hamas and the other terror organizations in gaza got the message. if not, israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> reporter: as night fell, there was no let-up. gaza was being pounded. at least two rockets landed near tel aviv, and the military warned citizens to expect a busy night. israeli ground troops are massing along the gaza border, and people here are taking the warning signs very seriously. tel aviv is known as a party town. tonight, streets that are normally bustling are practically deserted. >> pelley: a lot of uncertainty going into the night. alan, thank you. president obama picked up the phone today, hoping to prevent an all-out war. nancy cordes is at the white house for us tonight. nancy. >> reporter: scott, both the president and the vice president have now spoken to israeli prime minister netanyahu, and bespite some tensions between these
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leaders recently, we're told the two men expressed their support for israel's right to defend itself while also urging him to try to limit civilian casualties. white house officials told us today the onus is on hamas and not on israel to try to deescalate this conflict. they say they've reached out to other allies in the region, like turkey, asking them to pass that message along to hamas as well. in fact, secretary of state clinton, we're told, reached out to egypt's foreign minister today, asking him to deliver that message personally when he visits gaza tomorrow, scott. >> pelley: nancy, thank you very much. today, a congressional investigation had a look at video recorded by security cameras the night of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. as you know, four americans were killed this past september 11, including the u.s. ambassador. there has been a lot of controversy about whether the attack was planned by terrorists or the result of a mob angered by an internet movie ridiculing
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islam. the videos were seen behind closed doors today, but david martin's sources have told him what they show. >> reporter: the first video of the attack was captured by cell phones. but it took about 10 more days for the f.b.i. to get its hands on video taken by security cameras at the consulate. that classified video shop to the house and senate intelligence committees answers some of the many questions surrounding the attack. a u.s. intelligence official said it shows no sign the assault arose, as first thought, out of a demonstration. but it also indicates the attack, though intentional, was not well planned. the video makes clear the attackers did not know the layout of the compound. the attack lasted about an hour, and ended with the consulate in flames. a scene captured by a surveillance drone overhead. the surviving americans retreated to a c.i.a. safe house about a mile away where they continued to take fire from small arms and rocket-propelled
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grenades. after another hour, the shooting stopped. for four hours, no shots were fired, giving the rescue team flown in from tripoli time to make its way to the annex. 10 minutes after the rescuers arrived, a second attack began. this time with mortars. that attack was also captured on video, both by security cameras and a drone overhead, and it shows a more organized and deliberate assault than the one on the consulate. intercepted phone calls and text messages from that night indicate some of those who attacked the consulate were inspired in part by televised scenes of protesters storming the american embassy in cairo, and rage over an anti-muslim video running on the internet. others seemed to have nothing under mind than looting. the first attack created an opportunity for the second attack, the one on the annex. whether it was planned that way all along is not clear. u.s. officials say the four-hour
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lull gave the attackers time to bring up more firepower in the form of mortars. they fired five rounds. the first two missed. the next three hit. >> pelley: david, thank you. is there a link between energy drinks and 13 deaths? china announces a new leader. and the president makes a promise to victims of sandy when the cbs evening news continues. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps.
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>> pelley: today, the president visited victims of hurricane sandy on staten island. he promised to stick with them until the rebuilding is complete. 34,000 new yorkers are still without power. the food and drug administration is investigating energy drinks. there are claims that 13 deaths may be linked to 5-hour energy. dr. jon lapook spoke to the c.e.o. of 5-hour energy. >> reporter: what's in 5-hour energy? what are the ingreedients? >> i don't remember all of them, but certainly amino acids are the main ingredients, and there is some caffeine. >> reporter: how much caffeine? >> about as much as-- a medium starbubs. >> reporter: you can tell me how many milligrams of caffeine? >> i'm not talking to ui'm talking to those who are watching. >> reporter: i spoke to a pediatric cardiologist today. he said, you know what, for most people one two-ounce shot is probably safe but for the susceptible kids who have an
6:46 pm
underlying problem it could give them an irregular heartbeat that could kill them and that may be what happened to one young woman? >> when you look at it, any product-- let's say one young person is susceptible to peanuts. definitely the doctor should tell them don't have peanuts. if a person has this heart condition, then the doctor should say, "look, you shouldn't have anything with caffeine in it." now, if they then go have peanutes, you say, "well, let's ban peanuts. all peanuts are really bad guys." that kind of silly. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics says adolescents should never use energy drinks, which includes drinks like yours, and that means kids under the age of 18. but your label specifically says it shouldn't be used by kids under the age of 12. yet difference? >> well, i don't know that they say that. i've never heard that before, but certainly, you know, i'm certain they've got wonderful opinions. there are other doctors that have different opinions. so i don't eye don't know if
6:47 pm
it's relevant. >> reporter: now that you know that the american academy of pediatrics says don't take this type of a drink if you're 18 or under, are you going to change your label? >> well, certainly i would like to-- look to lawyers to deal with that issue. and i-- i-- i agree with you. if that's what they recommend, then we should do that. >> reporter: scott, during the entire interview, he would never tell me exactly how many milligrams of caffeine are in his product saying people couldn't interpret that number. and i think that reflects one of the big issues here. these products are not required to say on the label exactly what's in them. >> pelley: jon, thank you very much. china's new president once lived in a cave. his story is next. l on my nec. i had no idea it came from chickenpox.
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[ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! >> pelley: china's communist party introduced its new leadership. xi jinping was introduced as head of the party which will make him president. xi's family has become extremely wealthy but bill whitaker tells us it wasn't always that way. >> reporter: 59-year-old xi jinping will lead the most populist country on earth, but his political life began in a smaller place, a village of 800 in shaanxi province. even today, the slapped hard, making a living is harder. in 1969, during the violent upheaval of the cultural revolution, elites were attacked. xi's farther was kenounced and
6:51 pm
imprisoned. xi was exiled to this remote village. for seven years she worked in the fields during the day and at night came home to a cave dwelling much like, this one room carved into a hillside. they're all over these mountains. the local locals will say here he learned to eat bitterness. it's a chinese saying that means he learned to endure hardship. we say a cave like this because villagers refused to let us see xi's cave. the police copied our passports. men followed us. the current occupant closed the gate on us. no one ever told us why. in the nearby city of yannan, we met a friendlier man doing morning exercises. a 59-year-old retired construction worker. he met china's new president back in 1969, a chaotic time, he told us. he did hard, physical work? >> "of course" said there chu."
6:52 pm
"he herded cows. it was a world away from xi's life in beijing, the pampered child of the elite. he left exile and excelat party's politics. he ran shanghai and its biggest event the 2008 olympics. today, his wife is one of the country's most popular singers. he takes the helm as chine's economy is slowing down and trade tensions with the u.s. are going up. do you think his time here will make him a better leader? "he suffered great hardship. she must have learned from that." xi jinping says whenever he encounters trouble he thinks back to his days here. and nothing seems too difficult. bill whitaker, cbs news, shaanxi province, china. >> pelley: an american company rises from the ashs, a story with a ring to it. next.
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and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. cool. you found it. >> pelley: finally tonight, we're approaching the season of bells, slaig belles, bells at the doofort mall. there was a time that those
6:56 pm
bells were made in america, but eventually there was only one factory left producing the sound of christmas, and now, it's gone. but chip reid tells us the owner refuses to surrender to a silent night. >> reporter: beneath the melted metal and burned brickes, 45-year-old matt bevens searched for a familiar sound. for 180 years, this was the site of his family business, beven brothers. but in may, lightning destroyed his family's history. >> to know that my ancestors for six generations have stood on this exact spot and made bells... in-- in bell town, u.s.a., it means a lot to me. >> reporter: east hampton, connecticut, is called bell town, u.s.a., because there were once more than 30 bell makers here. beven was the last one. beven brothers made the first bicycle bell in 1865.
6:57 pm
in 1923, bevens bells started calling children to the good humor ice cream truck, and one of its bell hlz a starring role in the christmas classic "it's a wonderful life." >> look, daddy. teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. >> reporter: today, matt bevin is starting over. 14 of his 27 employees are back at work in this temporary factory trying to refill their biggest order, 25,000bles for the salvation army's kettle ringers. >> we aren't just making widgets. we're not even just in the bell business. we're in the memory business. we're making memories. >> reporter: since the fire, hundreds of those memories have made their way to his mailbox in the form of handwritten letters, all from people who wanted to share their own bell story. >> i'm going to start crying. "i am glad your bells are still made in the united states of america." >> reporter: bevin vows to
6:58 pm
rebuild where this rubble now lies. what is it aboutbles that so moves people? >> when you think about a bell, it's just two little pieces of metal banging together, but they symbolize something much greater. they symbolize dreams. they symbolize joy. they symbolize memories. they symbolize hope for people. >> reporter it won't sound good. i can tell you that right now. >> reporter: it sounds all right. a hope that the memories once created here will one day ring above the ashes. crip reid, cbs news, east hampton, connecticut. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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two women once roommates at bowie state university, one is dead and the other is charged in her murder. her trial continued today with explosive testimony. we were in that courtroom all day long, joining us live in upper marlboro. any word of a possible verdict tonight? >> reporter: derek literally seconds ago the jury was escorted back into the courtroom where alexis simpson has been quietly awaiting her fate, sitting alone and emotionless according to our colleague, ken molestina. the jurors went just past the allotted two hours given to them by the judge abou

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